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Home Berry Cloud Apps use a Raspberry Pi and Android devices to create a small, private home cloud. The Raspberry Pi (a $35 credit card sized computer) is configured with your wireless home network and provides a private web site for your apps.The first app (Raspberry Social) can be used to share photos, videos, and comments among its members.It provides a "Facebook" type social application for close friends and family members.

Social App

The Raspberry Social App creates a home cloud. The Raspberry Pi and each Android device hooked up to the Raspberry Social App has a copy of all the Raspberry Social data. The Android sync function is used to sync the data between the Pi and Android devices on a regular basis. So the more devices that are in the Raspberry Social App cloud, the more copies of the data are saved and the harder it is to lose the data. Think of it as an online family photo album that everyone in the family has a copy of.

Play Logo Android Social App now on Google Play.
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